Good humans want to work for you. 

Until motivation can be purchased in pill form, small shifts in perspective can help you manage your people in a way that makes them never want to leave. Culture is about more than just an innovative work environment. It's about navigating the humans in the room with genuine compassion. Before you know it, your employees will be setting up cots to maximize office time, bringing you fresh baked brownies and maybe even holding your umbrella when it rains. Maybe...

This interactive workshop includes:

  • Improv games: Have no fear, it's never as painful as people think. Besides, facing your fears builds character, right?!
  • Guided meditation: Breathing, relaxation, imagination growth...It could be worse.
  • Partner work: Sit next to a stranger, leave with a new friend. 
  • Team building exercises: Team work makes the dream work. Or at the least work a bit more productive.
  • Tips, tricks and tools for shifts: You'll have to wait for the workshops for these juicy little tips. 

The shifts you will see:

  • Higher productivity
  • Better attitudes
  • Increased brand/company loyalty
  • Great candidates knocking on your door
  • High quality people sticking by your side through thick and thin


"This is how I know my company cares about it's employees."

I have got to tell you that having that Management Matters workshop for yesterday's session was a great idea!  It related to our topic, it was interactive, it was FUN!"

"Great job yesterday and always! Whenever I tell people about what your workshops do for our employees they remark at what a benefit it is to work for a company that prioritizes their people."


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