Perspective Workshop was founded in 2014. We were watching people struggle under the weight of their own thoughts and knew there had to be a way to make changes. Real, tangible changes with results that you could see in a short amount of time. (Patience is a virtue, but one that didn't...doesn't come all that easily to us.) We started to aggregate a series of practices that shifted the way we saw or thought about the challenges that faced us every day. The way we listened, the way we responded, the way we moved through the world began to change and the way the world reacted was...well, awesome. Our mission is to share our growing collection of exercises, tips, trips, improv learnings, presentation skills, interpersonal skills, and sales strategies to help you make small shifts in your own lives. As much as it makes our eyes twitch to embrace a cliche, it's the little things that really do matter. We are here to help you determine which little things can add up to change your life in big way. 


Heather Bodie - Founder/Lead Trainer 

Heather is the founder and lead trainer for the Perspective Workshop. She has been consulting, coaching and speaking since 2007. Her experience has led her from building advertising and marketing campaigns for start-ups,  to acting as the Director of Operations for an independent coffee roaster, as well as serving on the senior staff of three theatre companies In Chicago.  Heather has been leading people and growing organizations for almost a decade. She spent 5 years as the Director or Marketing and training for a financial firm and most recently served as Chief of Staff for a portfolio of four growing companies. Through a myriad of management experiences she has seen and implemented a wide spectrum of management styles. She has helped sales professionals across multiple industries achieve their highest goals, and watched individual people grow within their personal lives and their companies. 


Genevieve Garcia - Accounts Manager/Trainer

With a creative eye and organized mind, Genevieve has successfully managed many different projects over the past decade. From marketing at a hedge fund with $100 MM AUM to producing and directing contemporary dance shows, she engages high level individuals to deliver unique and fully formed products. Most recently, she coordinated with two fast paced entrepreneurs growing five companies spanning three industries simultaneously. Since joining Perspective Workshop in 2015, she has found a niche that fulfills both her personal values and also reflects what she believes is most important in the workplace, it's people. 


Allie Long - Project Coordinator/ Trainer